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The advantages of using sleeping bags for babies

Uninterrupted sleep is crucial for your baby’s rest. If it sleeps the sufficient hours and in a pleasant way and without waking up frequently, its healthy growth is guaranteed. This does not only require a cozy room and a cradle that complies with all the quality standards and comfort necessary, but you also have to think about how to dress your baby for bedtime. That is to say, if your baby is not a newborn anymore and you notice that it is beginning to move a lot in the cradle, the most advisable is to use one of the special baby sleep sacks instead of other coverages. Why? We will explain the main advantages of this accessory down below:


The sleeping bag allows your baby to maintain wrapped up while sleeping and you don’t have to worry about it being uncovered and catching cold. The heat that the sleeping sack provides your baby with is the appropriate one, since the bag adopts and maintains the baby’s body temperature. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this aspect: inside the bag your baby will not be cold nor have to endure excessive heat.


With blankets, sheets, duvets or quilts, baby can become entangled and suffer any accident. Unlike these coverages, the stability of the bag allows the baby to move freely both arms and legs all night or during naptime without choking hazard. For this reason, it is an option highly recommended by pediatricians and the one that provides more tranquility to parents.


Its wraparound form and its pleasant and breathable texture make the bag a very comfortable accessory for the baby. It is preferable that the bag has no sleeves to facilitate the baby’s movements. If used in winter season, simply put the baby long-sleeved clothing on and the bag will have the optimum temperature. Besides, a pillow is not necessary.

4.Easy to transport

Baby sleep sacks are the ideal choice when the baby leaves home and has to sleep somewhere else. In fact, when you use it in the cradle you only need a sheet and nothing else. Thus, when sleeping elsewhere than at home you need nothing else than the sleeping bag itself. Besides, if you go for a walk, you can also use the bag in your baby stroller.


The sleeping sack for babies is very easy to clean: you can put in the washing machine without any problem and once again it will be ready to use in its original shape, completely clean and with all its features intact.

As you can see, the sleeping bag is the ideal accessory for different reasons and you should know as well that it is especially recommended for babies from 6 to 36 months. If you're thinking about buying your own bag and checking out all the benefits it can bring to your baby, you will find the best proposal at Bresole: a sleeping bag made in Spain with high-quality materials and a modern design that makes it an exclusive piece and with a 100% cotton fabric which will make your baby feel completely safe, comfortable and warm. Consult our website now; we are specialists in cradle design and sleeping clothes for babies. We are convinced that the baby sleep sack will become an accessory that will be your everyday companion from today on or once your baby has reached the age of 6 months. Get yours now and guarantee your baby’s sweet dreams!

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Theme decoration for nurseries

The arrival of a new member of the family is always a reason for joy. That's why, in the previous months, the parents start thinking very carefully about the decoration of the room that will become the nursery. Nowadays there are a great number of shops and online stores where you can buy furniture for babies, so you'll probably find what you need for the style you have in mind without too much trouble. But as well as that, there's a whole world of decorative elements, such as wallpaper, vinyl stickers, throws, cushions, curtains, framed pictures and other objects that will help you complement the chosen theme and turn the baby's room into a magical place.

In fact, if you chose traditional style furniture, you can always use those extra elements to make the theme. This way you'll save money, because the furniture will be useful long after the baby themed decor has become obsolete and you'll only need to change the decorative elements to update it.

Some original ideas for your baby's nursery theme

Nautical style

Nautical-themed bedrooms are perfect for seaside flats or holiday homes. Therefore, if you really like the sea a lot, this theme is sure to attract you. This is an extremely elegant style, where the main colours are various shades of blue combined with the purest white. A perfect match to which you can add accessories in darker or brighter colours to cheer up the space, such as wheels, ships, oars, etc.


Those parents who are looking for a particular theme to decorate their baby's room may be interested in a Batman-inspired theme. This is a style that will grow with the child and last for some years, since it's also perfect not just for babies, but also for older children's rooms. You can paint the walls in a soft gray, use chevron textiles in white and mustard to give it a more modern look, and maybe even make some elements yourself, like cushions with the Batman logo, the pictures or the lamps.

Owl-themed decor

The main element of this style is wallpaper. Wallpaper is back in fashion, because it's an easy way to completely change a space and give it a more cheerful look. For this reason there is a great variety of designs in this style, with trees and owls. To complete the theme you can set up a bird house, quilts and bedsheets with nature motifs, some owl cushions, etc.

Dinosaur decoration

Dinosaur decoration is another theme ideal for a nursery because, like other styles, it can be maintained for a long time. All you need is to cover the walls with large murals of these funny creatures. Regarding furniture, one of the best options you can choose is to paint it white which, as well as going nicely with the dinosaur colour range, it'll set off the whole decor of the room.

Princess style

Even before our little girl is born, we have already decided she'll be a princess and we want her room to be a wonderful, magical place. There are countless furniture ranges and decorative elements that go with this theme. The furniture tends to be white, combined with pastel colours -mainly pink- for the walls or wallpaper, and other accessories from the same colour palette. Choose classic furniture in a royal-ish style, with armchairs and wardrobes in Disney style and cribs with a canopy. The options are endless.

Superhero decoration

This is a very up-to-date decoration, with a modern, colourful look. There are many textiles and decorative elements on the market that follow this style, including lamps and pictures for the walls. You can choose the furniture in any colour you want but because this is a highly colourful theme, we recommend white for the greatest contrast. The best thing about this style is that all children love superheroes, so when they grow up, you'll only need to change the crib for a bigger bed and the odd accessory, thus making your investment last longer.

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Tips for furnishing a baby´s room

When you are expecting a baby, there are many preparations to take care of. A new member of the family is arriving and everything has to be ready for him or her, but also for the rest of the people in the family, because there will be certain aspects of the home which will change with the baby´s arrival, and they most certainly won´t only affect the little one. This means that the house must be prepared properly for the new addition, but it must also be done in such a way that parents, siblings and all the people and things that form the home and are going to take part in caring for the baby are comfortable.

Besides keeping in mind security measures to avoid your child suffering from household accidents, another question which will be going through your mind, and the minds of other parents will be, “How should the baby´s room be furnished?”. It might seem like an unimportant question at first, but the truth is, that room will be the place where the little one will spend a lot of time sleeping or playing, and also where parents or siblings will spend a lot of time taking care of them. So, if you are expecting a baby or planning to have a child at some point in time and you don´t know what furniture is the right one or what kind of decoration will be most appropriate, we are going to offer a series of advice which may be useful:

Furniture for babies and parents

Before thinking about the esthetic question per se, first think about which activities are going to take place in the room and which pieces of furniture are going to be part of it. Is the baby only going to sleep in the room? Is there also going to be a play area? Will their clothes be kept there? Are you going to change diapers and wash the baby in that space? Will it still be their room when they have grown? According to the needs we will have, and those which come up, is how we should furnish a bedroom. Think about if a crib or a convertible kit, which can be used when they aren´t babies anymore, is better, shelves, closets, chest of drawers, a high chair, changing table, playpen, etc.

As we have mentioned before, you also shouldn´t only think about the baby. The grown-ups will also make good use of the bedroom, so therefore, think about whether you are going to need an armchair, closets or shelves to be able to have everything you need handy.

Make sure that there isn´t too much furniture, only what is necessary. The things which you need later on can always incorporated, as need be. Also, for comfort and hygiene, it is much better to leave open spaces in order to be able to move around and clean easily.

Lighting for children´s rooms

Lighting is also a very important element, and here is where the esthetic factor comes into play. We recommend a ceiling lamp, but also a dim, warm light on a table or on the wall, where it won´t bother the little one, but can also help calm them and help them sleep. As far as curtains go, they are a good way of filtering the amount of sunlight coming in, but be careful, they can attract a lot of dust.

Appropriate material for babies

Just like with curtains, the material that mattresses, sheets, rugs, etc. are made of should also not retain dust or mites.

Try to avoid things made of ceramic or glass, as they can be very dangerous if they fall or break, because they can cause cuts.

Esthetics in little ones bedrooms

Obviously, this aspect is linked to individual likes and preferences, but what we do want to emphasize is that you not decorate the room giving lots of importance to the baby´s gender, if they are a boy or a girl. Try and decorate in a neutral way, placing more importance on the fact that the decorative elements have the widest diversity possible, and that they encourage the imagination and curiosity of the little one without limits.

In short, what is most going to interest you is being able to create a clean space, both visually and organizationally, uncluttered, original and without conforming to conventionalism, and one which will allow you to add new elements, little by little, as your baby grows.

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Choose Luxury Furniture for Your Baby

Choose Luxury Furniture for Your Baby

Luxury is a rather relative concept, given that, depending on each person; its meaning can take on certain nuances. However, there are common points, based not so much on the subjectivity, but on the objectivity; in which we have to agree that something is luxurious when certain special and unique characteristics make it stand out above other similar products. Luxury items are normally rare goods, exclusive and of high quality in their manufacturing, material and service: automobiles, trips, electronic devices, clothes, furniture, etc. Luxury can be found in any field or sector.

Luxury furniture, which is what this post will be dealing with, plays an important role within the decoration and functionality of the elements which make up a home. When furnishing a house and its different rooms, certain diverse factors must be taken into account. On the one hand, practical and functional aspects are considered, but, on the other hand, personal preferences and trends play an important role, in terms of decoration and design styles. The great advantage of luxury furniture is that these factors are combined in such a way that we can find products, which are offered with incredibly high quality material, design, finishing touches and even the possibility of being personalized. This inevitably carries with it a higher than average price. However, this can be justified thanks to the durability, which are often associated with this type of furniture, and also to the aesthetic contribution that it provides to the homes, considering that it will give personality to the room in which it is placed.

If we talk about quality, finishing touches and durability of furniture, when thinking of children´s furniture, luxury items for babies and children also meet, without a doubt. In fact, this should be the household furniture where more is invested, in search of superior characteristics, if, what we are aiming for is the certainty that it will meet all the standards and security requirements, comfort, and durability. Parents are always going to look for the best for their little ones, and investing a little bit more in the budget in their favor, is always an option to keep in mind.

Which minimum quality requirements are appropriate for baby furniture? Previously, we have looked at what it means to have secure cribs and high chairs. In particular, factors to consider include measuring the distance between the bars on the cribs, having smooth and polished finishes without nails or screws which can come loose or become a danger for young children, as well as the importance of providing corners that are well-protected and padded. Luxury baby furniture will include, of course, all of these standards and more, among these other conveniences for children and parents.

In addition to all of this, adapting an attractive look for the littlest ones and designs made with them in mind, in a creative and original way, is a plus. Because the furniture, as we have mentioned before, mustn´t only be practical, but should also dress a room. In this aspect, luxury articles usually stand out above the rest, with exclusive models and careful craftsmanship.

When considering investing in our children´s cribs, beds or strollers it is always a good idea to choose designs conceived by brands with a broad array of experience with children´s furniture. Additionally, if the manufacturing of these designs is carried out with top quality raw material, hand-crafted by highly qualified professionals, we will be providing our children with exclusive products which will contribute to a better night´s sleep, play time and development, guaranteed.

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Modern Nursery Must-Haves

You want to design your baby’s room beautifully and adding a few key pieces into your nursery’s design is going to take the comfort level a notch higher for both you and your baby. We are talking details here, from the most significant design element to valuable insight on child safety as well. Read on to create a modern day nursery for your little tot!

The Wallpaper

A baby’s nursery has to be a space which is bold, yet simple with clean lines and a sense of calm and peace, it is a nursery after all! You may feel a little nervous while incorporating wallpaper in the nursery, but it makes the whole space pop up and renders a kind of unity and harmony to whole room.

A Rocker

Once you get a rocker, you will find out you can’t live without it! It will become your favorite place to bond with your child, and will promote a healthy mother-child relationship in the early months. You can even use it another room once your baby has outgrown the nursery.

A Night Light

Night lights are a must in a nursery as the soft glow emitting from them helps the baby sleep peacefully. Make sure that you buy a night light that blends in with the nursery and doesn’t cause sharp glances all over the room. Now, night lights are available in an assortment of playful forms like birds and animals to keep the ambiance of the nursery playful.

A Dustbin

Invest in a good quality dustbin for disposing items, because it can get really tough to walk across rooms to get rid of soiled diapers.

A Rug

A rug will definitely add the much needed warmth and cosines to your baby’s room, and you will be able to sit and relax there too! Make sure that the fibre from the rug does not contaminate the environment and become a cause of breathing problems for the baby.

Take your own style into consideration while designing your baby’s space, and invest in Juvi and Nubol cribs from Bresole to make your baby’s modern nursery furniture more comfortable for them. . Click here to land on Bresole’s complete collection of state of the art baby furniture that is safe yet trendy to use!

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Baby’s Sleeping Patterns

One of the most common questions asked by new parents is ‘Is my baby sleeping right?’

Don’t get worried if your infant exhibits haywire sleeping routine in the first 3 months, as this is the time they are getting accustomed to normalcy. This blog will help in explaining why a newborn baby’s sleeping patterns fluctuate often, and how they can be motivated to sleep.

Night-time waking

It can become exhausting if your baby habitually wakes up at night. This night time waking is considered as a normal behavior in newborns to the extent that most babies who are younger than 12 weeks are unable to sleep at night. However, as a baby grows, they tend to sleep for longer periods at night.

Understanding day and night

A baby develops the knowledge of sleeping during the night and waking during the day with the passage of time, and by the age of 3 to 6 months, and sometimes even earlier, the normal sleeping patterns begin to emerge. A baby’s sleep can be affected by change in light and body temperature, which makes it easier to adapt to patterned sleep cycle.

Sleep training approaches

There are many ways you can train your newborn to become accustomed to normal sleeping patterns.A few of them are listed below:

  • One method is leaving the baby to cry it out without soothing in order to fall asleep, but this method is a controversial one, as it can be stressful for the baby.
  • Another method includes singing a lullaby and rocking the baby, as rhythmic motions make it easier to fall asleep.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, it is extremely important that your baby gets a safe and quiet environment for peaceful and unbroken sleep. Make sure that the nursery is not near to the lounge, or the main door, as constant activity or high noise levels can disturb the baby’s sleeping patterns.

Click here to land on Bresole’s collection of state of the art baby furniture that is safe yet trendy to use, like Juvi and Nubol cribs which will help your baby fall asleep with ease!

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The Correct Way Of Washing Baby Clothes

Your baby may be small, but he can outgrow a heap of clothes in a short time period. So, in order to ensure that the new romper or baby grow lasts a while without making your baby uncomfortable, you need to wash it the right way. Keep reading to find out how:

Wash the clothes before the first wear

It is advisable to wash your baby’s clothes before they wear it for the first time. This will aid in removing any substances that may irritate or cause rashes on the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Understand your Detergent

It is seen that some parents use non biological detergents to wash their baby’s clothes instead of biological ones because they think the enzymes will irritate the baby’s skin. Though there is not enough proof for this belief, it pays to play it safe. Also, you may want to use a gentle fabric softener to prevent your baby’s clothes from becoming itchy. Moreover, you can also use detergents that are specifically formulated for your baby’s skin.

Mind the Temperature

The ideal temperatures for washing your baby’s clothes vary from 30°C to 40°C. Also, if you are not using baby specific detergents, wash your baby’s clothes with the regular laundry but as a different batch.In this way, you will be saving your time and water.

Instructions for Delicate Fabrics

Special baby outfits made from silk and wool are not suitable for machine washing as it can shrink and deform the fabric, so you will need to take some time out from your busy routine to hand wash these delicate articles in order to preserve their shape and form.


In addition to comfortable clothing, it is vital you take care of your baby’s protection and safety by opting for safe and trendy furniture from Bresole. Our bestsellers are Juvi and Nubol cribs that offer increased comfort level for the babies. Click here to navigate between the ranges we offer!

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3 Ways To Use Bright Colours In A Nursery

What shall be the colour scheme of my baby’s nursery? Will red be too bright? Will orange make my baby hungry all the time? These are among the most common questions raised by parents when deciding on the interior of the nursery. Where science is still advancing on how colours affect an infant’s brain, a certain guideline is demarcated for the parents to follow in order to promote mental stimulation in their babies.

Listed below are the ways you can employ the three bright colours in a way that renders a serene ambiance to your baby’s nursery:

Red – Passion, Excitement, Emotional

Red is the boldest of all colours and due to this fact, babies are very responsive towards it. It can be incorporated in a nursery as an accent, but it should be avoided as a wall to wall paint or wallpaper colour as it can make your child aggressive. You can use the colour red with blue and white to create a nautical themed nursery.


Orange – Warm, Comforting, Cozy

It is observed that children are generally comfortable around this colour. This is because itstimulates a warm feeling and motivatesinteractive conversations. Orange is welcoming and puts uncertainties at bay. Use a bright orange frame in the nursery to give the interior a zesty punch!


Yellow – Lively, Energetic, Cheerful

The subtle yellow promotes concentration and emotive thoughts, why else all the legal pads be yellow? But a very bright hue of yellow colour may agitate the baby, so steer clear of it! You can use gray and yellow as the main colours with blue as an accent in your baby’s nursery for a calm and cheery ambiance.

There is a lot of data on colour psychology and infants on the internet. If you’re planning your nursery, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and run a little research on this topic to understand it better, after all, it is your baby’s first room! Click here to land on Bresole’s collection of state of the art baby furniture such as Juvi and Nubol cribs that are safe yet trendy to use!

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What Position Should My Baby Go to Sleep?

During the first months of life, it is the parents who decide which position their baby will sleep in, because a baby cannot roll over until she is 3 to 6 months old.

The way your baby sleeps is essential to her being safe and well rested. The position recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics is putting the baby on her back, as it reduces the risk of sudden death of the child, otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  SIDS occurs when an apparently healthy baby dies suddenly while sleeping. Many pediatricians suggest that one of the causes could be related to the position in which the baby sleeps.

Decades ago, the recommended position was sleeping face down. Today, it is not advised, since in this position, the baby may suffer some form of asphyxia, by not being able to breathe properly. It is for this reason that pediatricians recommend that babies sleep on their backs. 

However, you must also ensure that your baby’s head is not always in the same position, thereby avoiding the risk of plagiocephaly (flattening of a region of the skull).

It is also very important to choose the proper mattress. It should be firm and the proper size indicated by your crib’s manufacturer. You should also know that the use of pillows or blankets inside the crib is discouraged, as well as any stuffed animals or toys. Moreover, avoid excessive clothing and high temperatures in the room. What is recommended is putting your baby to sleep in pajamas or our sleep sack, that allows freedom of movement, and keeping the room temperature at around 68 degrees.

Good security for your baby here at Bresole and Micuna is important, that is why we have designed and manufactured different options when it comes to cribs and bassinets. With the exclusive JUVI convertible crib with breathable sides, instead of slots or bars, it allows for great circulation of air and a cozier experience for your baby.

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Child Proofing Your Home for Your New Baby

Every year about 2.3 million children are accidentally injured around the home. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your home is a safe environment for your child. This means taking the necessary time and precaution to make sure that each and every room of your house that the child may enter is safe and childproof to prevent any risk of injury. There are many gadgets available to help with this process, so take some time to look for what could help. In addition, you could also hire a professional childproofer to help with this process.


Put Yourself in the Child's Shoes

Get on your hands and knees so you can get down to the view of the child so you will have a better idea of what to childproof. Make sure there are not any loose parts or items lying around the house that the child could potentially grab and swallow. Additionally, any poisonous items, sharp objects, medicines, vitamins, cleaning products or knives should be absolutely kept out of the child's reach. Many parents use indoor gates to limit their child's access to areas that contain these types of items. Keep a continuous watch on what might be on the floor that the child could grab and choke on or swallow. Many times you will be doing a great job of this upkeep, but any visitors that come over may not pay such close attention and accidentally drop something from their purse or pocket that could pose a hazard.


Protect the Outlets

Childproofing is an ongoing process so make sure to protect any electrical outlets as the baby starts to crawl around the house. In addition, if there are any loose cords or cables, you should use electrical tape to seal them so they are not exposed for the baby to grab.


Furniture and Fixtures

Items to childproof and continually watch out for are bookcases, televisions and any objects on or near the television set, dressers and drawers; which could be pulled out and used as a ladder, lamps and the lamp chord, as well as the corners and edges of coffee tables. You should cover all sharp corners with soft bumpers in case the child accidentally hits them to soften the impact and prevent injury.


Install Gates

Make sure to install gates anywhere that you do not want your child to have access to. Areas to consider gating are the bathroom and kitchen as they could have hazardous objects that the child could get a hold of. Additionally, make sure to keep all doors closed like your side door, garage door, front door, and door to your backyard or patio. If you have pets, make sure to keep your child separated from the pet until your child is old enough or the pet becomes comfortable with the baby.


Prevent Poisoning

Keep all emergency numbers somewhere on hand and easily accessible, preferably near a phone or the refrigerator. Make sure to put safety locks on all cabinets and drawers.


Blinds and Curtains

They often times have strings that raise and shut them. Make sure these are securely tied and not accessible to a baby.


Childproofing Your Bathroom

Any sort of water near a small baby could potentially pose a hazard so read more here about childproofing your bathroom. Some basics to keep in mind are to never to leave your child unattended near water. Keep your pool fenced and make sure the gate is securely locked.


Bringing a baby into the world might just be the greatest thing we can do, but it is our responsibility to make sure that a child grows up safely and is in an environment that supports their growth and development in a healthy way with little risk or hazard.







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